My Past Lives

Prior to Coaching, I practiced as a Board Certified Physician specializing in Surgical and Clinical Pathology.

I decided to take a 6 month sabbatical from my job as a physician and during that time and found myself wandering deep into the woods. I was re-awakening my own deep connection to Nature, the Beasties and to myself. At the end of 6 months, I determined that my path was to continue on in the field of personal transformation. I maintain my privileges with my lovely practice and am on a “casual status” there and occasionally fill in if needed.

I have a deep appreciation for Nature and find many different ways to help others connect to their own brilliance including: Animal Totems (and other Shamanism based tools such as Journeying and Divination), The Work of Byron Katie, Law of Attraction and tools of Martha Beck who I was trained by. I am deeply committed to doing transformational work with my clients and continuing to learn new techniques and tools to help them have incredible joy filled lives.



I am a 4th generation physician married to a fabulous Man for almost 20 years. We have 4 fabulous children (all certified Zen Masters, of course) and live in a gorgeous city on the shores of Lake Superior. I absolutely love to spend time outside in Nature. I know it always reconnects me to a sense of awe and wonder.


My purpose

My purpose is to invite people to discover a life without limits. Its my passion to share what I have learned about finding more JOY. My strengths (Strength finder 2.0) are WOO, POSITIVITY, ACTIVATOR, COMMUNICATION and SIGNIFICANCE. I currently, Coach, Create and Teach /Speak full time. I love what I do.


What makes me tick.

Part of being me is having many many interests and an EXTREME curiosity about many things. I have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit disorder, inattentive type. Getting that diagnosis was a gift, as it helped me to fully embrace my irrepressible MUCHNESS and my special talent for taking seemingly unrelated ideas and creating something NEW. I have the ability to hyper-focus and as a result, enjoy transcendent experiences on a pretty regular basis, which is pretty cool! I also have to be sure to get support and lots of rest to be sure that I do not get overwhelmed :) Once you spend time doing what you were BORN to do, life can get pretty darn INCREDIBLE..




I have so many interests that  I could hardly list them all here but for a start:

  • Non-fiction reads (from Memoir of a Geisha to The Big LEAP to Becoming Animal. My nightstand is littered with books.  I am an Amazon Prime member and yes the UPS man/lady both know my dog’s names and peculiar habits.
  • Animal Totems and using the BEASTIES and Nature to re-connect to your self and to the world
  • Interior Design (Elle Decor and Veranda Magazines give me a BIG feel good!)
  • Travel (India and Asia are on my “where to next?” list).   I have traveled a fair bit  in Europe,South Africa and North and South America.   It’s inspiring as heck to me.
  • Music as a mood lifter (from Mandoza to Jason Mraz to Jill Scott to Justin Bieber!)
  • Movies/Film (Slumdog Millionaire and Bill Cunningham being recent favorites!)
  • Making short Inspiring Videos- communication visually and with sound.
  • Absurdity inducing laughter/comedy-  like the work of my sister and other luminaries of the comedy world like Tina Fey.

 here is me bringing the absurd and silly to the world of self-help

Yes!!!! Why what is wrong with me is so right with me……Celebrating ADD and other Mental Health Diagnoses.


Where I come from

I was born of two rather Bohemian individuals in Cooperstown, New York. I grew up in california, florida and then mostly the harsh and Tundra-like and stunning (yet warmish for 6 weeks in the the summer) Northern Minnesota with my only sibling Maria Elizabeth Sheldon Bamford. Maria, became a rocking Authentic Force of Nature Talent of a Comedian and I became a rocking Authentic Force of Nature talent of a Surgical Pathologist (that’s a Physician who specializes in diagnosis – they sit at a microscope a lot).

I practiced  as a board certified Physician specializing in Surgical Pathology at a tertiary care Multispecialty group known for Excellence in the Midwest.  While I thoroughly enjoyed my wonderful practice and partners, after 10 years or so, I began to feel a strong pull to do transformative work and to be creative again and I followed this FEEL GOOD.   I got Coached and found it life changing.

After getting Coached, in my spare time, I co-created a tiny vintage furnishings shop (Kitchee Gammi Vintage)  and designed products with my BFF Suzi Vandersteen.  People really enjoyed the inspirational newsletters we placed in our shop a lot AND we were tired of schlepping stuff in the back of our cars.  We eventually closed the shop (after getting a fire lit under us in the best way by smoldering Danielle La Porte)  and co-founded Joy Junket, an online site to discover more joy through your home interior design and other spiritual practices.   I discovered that while I adore Interior Design-  I was longing to talk with clients about the deeper stuff that was “happening” in their lives. When people re-design their homes its often about a deeper re-design of their lives that is happening.

I completed  Dr. Martha Beck’s Coach Training  program and got certified by Martha Herself!  (She is a former Harvard Professor and writes the Life Coach Monthly piece for Oprah’s O magazine).  She is really a stand-up comedian.

Suzi and Myself in South Africa on an Adventure to Negotiate a Bride’s Price (Lobola) in 2010