One of the most magical ways to FEEL GOOD, for me has been via the Beasties and their messages. The intuitive insight we can “get” from noticing what animals are showing up in our lives (or even better by discovering a Core Beastie) is powerful stuff.

Many of us are living “over civilized” lives and have lost our deep connection with nature. I rediscovered my own connection when I took a sabbatical for 6 months from Medicine. I began to connect strongly to the intuitive messages from nature as I became more curious.

Reconnecting to the sourced web of life is POWERFUL Stuff and can fuel your dreams! I think the Ancient path of Shamanism has so much to teach us……from knowing we all are connected… empowering anyone who chooses to practice it to receive powerful insights, unlimited love and the possibility of becoming a healer.  I have completed over 28 hours of training via Michael Harner’s Way of the Shaman Workshop, Dreaming Workshop and 1:1 Shamanic Practice with my mentor/teacher Timothy Cope. I Shamanic Journey on a regular basis for my own personal practice and have journeyed on behalf of others to ask for a healing.  I also share the practice of Shamanism and journeying with groups in person  and LOVE to do so!

If you are looking for a place to begin with connecting with the intuitive messages of Beasties , check out my Animal Attraction recordings. I’ll share my beginning and illustrate a simple way for you to begin plus many wonderful stories of Beasties and Ah -has from many others.

To learn how to get started- check out my
Animal Attraction to get started!



I also love to co-host a podcast with dear friend and fellow coach Tami McCall. Squirrel! Radio- on Itunes , named for the beloved Golden Retriever Doug from the Pixar movie “Up”, was dreamed up because we wanted to bring some of the sweetness, light and FUN into DEEP personal transformation.


I am currently working on a book on Animal Totems called  “What the Walrus Knows, An Eccentric Field Guide to the Energies of Beasties” with Grace Kerina.