Are you ready to Follow your FEEL GOOD?


One time FEEL GOOD session:

Work with me 1:1 for 60 minutes  to figure out where to begin to Follow your FEEL GOOD.   Where you want to go?   This single session is designed to help you find your FEEL GOOD and get off to WHERE YOU DESIRE TO GO!   This is best for somebody who is already aware that Following the FEEL GOOD works for them AND YET is a tad STUCK in a specific area such as building their Coaching Practice, Personal Style, Health, Creativity, Switching Careers.    You will walk away inspired and excited about possibilities and a clear idea of what needs to happen next.

Single Session cost is 175.00


I limit ongoing weekly or biweekly coaching to a handful of  individuals.   To do all the writing and speaking and creating I love to do,  that’s just what FEELS GOOD.  If you are interested,  you can contact me here and I can let you know if there is availability.

Ongoing weekly or bi-weekly sessions 150.00 per hour.
At times I do 30 minute sessions too-  if it FEELS GOOD:)


Hire me as an IDEA FACTORY:  

One of my special talents is seeing the possibilty and generating ideas that ACTIVATE and INPIRE/HARNESS your FEEL GOOD.   I have helped many different Coaches and entepreneurs design podcasts, products and services that FEEL GOOD.  If you are stuck as to what or how to create it – I can help!  Call or email me here to get on the books!   Do you want your coaching practice to feel like a Bon Jovi Concert or your website to feel like a giant hot fudge sundae?  We will examine your most fabulous FEEL GOODs and infuse everything you do with the essence of it…….so it feels really GOOD and becomes wildly successful.

One hour 175.00

Life Obstacle Assassins :

Mavericks, Creatives and other Badasses Getting BIG dreams Done with Saltiness and Honey Badger-like Courage and Tenacity.


This is a circle of salty, unconventional, free-spirited individuals that is committed to living in surrender to their heart ‘s desire. Whether you are wanting to make Art, a Business, a Loving relationship- a healthy body and mind, write a screenplay or all of the above… have come to the right place. Monthly ongoing group with private 1:1 call in hours plus 2- 35 minute calls a month.

Currently 49.00 a month.
Please email me directly to enroll


More about Life Obstacle Assassins here!

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