Elephants like to Surf.

Here is a lovely shot of Alice, Elephant and Life Obstacle Assassin, surfing off the lovely Central Coast of California in the vicinity of Cayucos.  Alice really enjoyed her time here and felt as though she had always been there.  Do you ever feel like that about a place?  Surfing has a lot to teach Elephants and humans about fearlessness, patience and having a rollicking good time.  Surfing is one of those things you basically spend a lot of time in line waiting for.  For the right wave.  For the waves to kick up.  For the crowd to clear.  For the sweet surge of powerfullly being propelled which is like no other feeling on earth , Alice reckons.  She recommends one of her human writer crushes Jaimal Yogis’s book “Saltwater Buddha” – it is fantastic and chronicles a young man’s awakening courtesy of the waves.   What would you love to try out…give a whirl…or dare?   Alice says go do it!  Now.