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“Sarah brings gifts through her coaching that I’ve never experienced in any other way. Not only is her work unique (a direct reflection of her personality as well), but it’s FUN and transformative to boot. Either one of those is reason enough to invest time with her, but put them together and you’ll find you’ve just made a VERY smart investment in yourself and your life. :) We’re lucky to have Sarah as a contributing faculty member at Good Vibe University!”
— Jeannette Maw, owner Good Vibe University


“With Sarah’s help, I am able to see what my life can truly be. She lights up a path uniquely my own, and inspires me to follow it, while celebrating each step along the way. From the first phone call Sarah felt like a trusted friend. She gets the importance of a life lived on purpose and I’m grateful to be working with her.”
— Kim Stromgren, Costume Deisgner and Writer


“If you want to make changes in your life and have fun in the process, hire Sarah as your life coach. With an infectious energy level and an open heart she challenges you to live your best life “shackles off!” She inspired me to make real and lasting changes in my life and I am forever grateful! ”
— Chris Hollar, Life Coach in Wisconsin


“My hectic life makes prioritizing a necessity. But there still never seemed to be time to just think about where I was going. Talking with Sarah clarified what I wanted – financial abundance and security for my family. Coaching revealed what my life can look like and the path to get there. Sarah listened to me. No judgement. No over the top enthusiasm or cheerleading. She just asked questions and listened to me. The questions Sarah asked led me to the conclusion that I can attain financial abundance and security. By helping me see how my own fear was holding me back, Sarah’s coaching unveiled that I can build a business and lead a financially abundant life.”
— K.P.,  University Professor U of WI and Entpreneur


“Hire my sister Sarah. I did and she is a genii. Two (or three) geniuses in one……She life coached me on my negative thoughts- of which (though this may be the story I’m telling myself) I have several. If you are a seeker or journeyman taking the bridge to transition and need some help in your home environment or your brain environment, please check out my sister. By the way, she is also a Board Certified Pathologist in Minnesota, but doesn’t do autopsy house calls. She’s is also a seriously silly goose.”
— Maria Bamford, Comedian and star of TARGET’s Christmas Comercials 2009 and 2010


“Sarah helped me organize and prioritize several areas of my life. It was a very powerful experience to have a gentle, self-directed session that allowed me to determine what parts of my life were going well and what areas could use more fulfillment. I would suggest that anyone who’s interested in making positive changes in their work, personal, financial or spiritual life would benefit from this illuminating experience. ”
— Susan Vandersteen, Interior Designer


“Sarah is an exceptional individual, bringing enthusiasm, clear thinking, compassion and humor to her work as a professional coach. She exemplifies the pursuit of living a joyful life, and possesses remarkable talent for inspiring others to attain their goals and aspirations.”
— Theresa Aldach, Student Counselor and Professor St. Scholastic College


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